zirb.Refill contract

 Please choose product, amount, delivery cycle and starting date for your refill subscription.

The delivery can happen quarterly, biannually or annually. We recommend ordering the zirb.Essence quarterly and the zirb.Curls biannually to maintain a constant fragrance experience.


prices |

zirb.Classic 23.90 EUR instead of 29.90 EUR

zirb.Relaxed 23.90 EUR instead of 29.90 EUR

zirb.Vitalised 23.90 EUR instead of 29.90 EUR

zirb.Refreshed 23.90 EUR instead of 29.90 EUR


zirb.Curls for zirb.Lüfterl 21,51 EUR  instead of 23,90 EUR

zirb.Curls for zirb.Luft 25,11 EUR instead of 27,90 EUR

zirb.Curls for zirb.Bergluft 71,91 EUR  instead of 79,90 EUR


contract details |

commitment period and duration 

commitment period: none

The agreement is perpetual and will exist until the termination through the costumer or the zirb.GmbH.


cancellation |

If no commitment period is agreed upon, cancellation through the costumer is possible without any fees, within a 2-week notice period. zirb.GmbH reserves all rights regarding price changes. If a commitment period is agreed upon, unilateral cancellation is only possible by the supplier. In case of premature cancellation by the costumer an instalment payment of 60 % of the prospective volume of orders within the agreed commitment period has to be paid. After the commitment period cancellation is possible without any fees, under consideration of the 2-week notice period.


contract creation and payment 

The refill follows the agreed starting date, in case this is left free, its starting date is the date of the contract creation. Subsequent deliveries follow the agreed cycle of delivery.

payment method: invoice

terms of payment: 10 days net



Start date of the contract is the signing date. Likewise, this is the starting date of the commitment period.  zirb.GmbH reserves all rights regarding price changes.  The AGB and delivery & payment conditions of zirb.GmbH apply.


After you submit the form, we will contact you with the confirmation of your contract.

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zirb.Refill contract

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